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  1. When was your most recent personal contact with the DeRidder Police Department (DRPD)?
  2. Please indicate the circumstances under which you came in contact with the DRPD.
  3. During you contact with DRPD, how would you rate the overall service you received from the officer?
  4. During your contact with DRPD, how would you categorize the courtesy and demeanor of the officer/employee?
  5. How would you categorize the effectiveness of the officer in handling your situation?
  6. Overall, how satisfied or unsatisfied are you with the DRPD?
  7. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?
  8. What are the most important law enforcement issues or problems in your neighborhood?
  9. How do you feel about the enforcement of traffic violations in DeRidder?
  10. Would you attend a community meeting in your neighborhood to discuss local problems, obtain information, and to learn crime prevention tips (personal safety, etc.)?
      1. What is your gender?
      2. What is your age?
      3. What is your race?
      4. What is your annual income?
      5. With North Pine and South Pine Street dividing east and west; Mahlon/Shirley Street dividing north and south; I live:
      6. How long have you lived in DeRidder?
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