City Water

New Service

In order to have utilities connected you must present one form of identification: a valid Driver’s License/State ID card and have a $50 deposit ($40 deposit* & $10 service fee). *Refundable after applied to final bill


Water Bills are due on the 22nd of each month, late fees are added on the 23rd. Residential Minimum Bill is $27.40 (0-2000 gallons) inside the city limits.

Ways to pay your bill:

  • Online
  • Bank Draft *Need a voided check to start
  • Mail *Check or money order
  • In the Water Office *Cash, check, money order or credit card
  • Kiosk Machine *Cash, check or credit card
  • Drop Box * Check or money order with stub

*Credit card payment will have a surcharge.

*No surcharge for cash or checks