RealArt DeRidder Gallery

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The RealArt DeRidder Gallery is a not-for-profit, cooperative gallery operated by volunteer artists.

The gallery is in the heart of downtown DeRidder in a city-owned building believed to have been built around 1905. We are located a few doors down from the popular restaurant, Cecil’s Cajun Kitchen.

There are oil, watercolor, acrylic and mixed paintings; photography; ceramics; sculpture and much more.

The gallery hosts special exhibits and events. The building is also available to rent for private events.

The gallery is always looking for new member artists. If you are a talented artist or photographer, bring a few samples of your work into the gallery and submit your application for membership. Time and monetary requirements are minimal, and participation is a good way to get your work exhibited.

LOCATION: 108 West 1st Street, DeRidder

HOURS: Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

Check out RealArt DeRidder on Facebook!

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