Historical Gallery

DeRidder and Beauregard Parish are rich in history. This site will show exemplary events and people of this splendid parish through stories and pictures.

Check back as this site will be continually updated.
  1. Beauregard Training School

    Beauregard Training School

    When former students stand on Martin Luther King Drive and gaze at the Beauregard Parish Training School, they fondly remember the education that was received in that old stucco building.

  2. Carson Sawmill Town

    Carson Sawmill Town

    Known as a pretty village, Carson was another sawmill in the DeRidder hub of sawmills. It was located on Louisiana Highway 27 about 5 miles south of DeRidder, at Cowpen Creek and founded in 1901 by the Central Coal and Coke Company of Kansas City.

  3. Cottage Sanitarium

    Cottage Sanitarium

    The Cottage Sanitarium served as DeRidder’s 1st and only hospital for a quarter of a century.

  4. Courthouse & Old Jail

    Courthouse & Old Jail

    In 1906 the Hudson River Lumber Company (Long-Bell) donated to the Methodist Church the 2 lots on the northeast corner of the present courthouse square.

  5. DeRidder Army Airbase

    DeRidder Army Airbase

    The Beauregard Airport has a long and colorful history.

  6. DeRidder Mayors

    DeRidder Mayors

    Meet the Mayors who have served DeRidder throughout the ages.

  7. Historic Downtown DeRidder

    Historic Downtown DeRidder

    Take a trip back in time with these images of DeRidder's historic downtown.

  8. Historic Gothic Jail

    Historic Gothic Jail

    Browse photos of the Historic Gothic Jail.

  9. Life in Beauregard Parish

    Life in Beauregard Parish

    Take a look back in time at life in historic Beauregard Parish.

  10. Longville


    In 1906 Robert A. Long and Victor B. Bell of the Long-Bell Lumber Company came to southwest Louisiana and specifically to an area where a town was to be constructed bearing Mr. Long's name - Longville - to prospect for "Gold."

  11. Ludington Sawmill

    Ludington Sawmill

    In 1905 southern enmities toward the northern states, particularly those of ex-Confederate veterans were still quite strong. Ludington was viewed as a "Yankee” town because its founders and stockholders were from the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. The company chartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as Ludington, Wells, and Company arrived in the area in 1889-1890, bought up about 62,500 acres at $1.50 or more per acre, and waited another five years for the railroad to arrive.

  12. Schools in Beauregard Parish

    Schools in Beauregard Parish

    Browse a photo gallery of historic schools, and school groups, in Beauregard Parish.

  13. Sports


    Review the DeRidder natives known for their prowess in sporting events.

  14. Sugartown 1954

    Sugartown 1954

    The general consensus is that Sugartown became what could be called a permanent settlement around 1825.

  15. United Service Organization (USO)

    United Service Organization (USO)

    The construction of Camp Polk, DeRidder Army Air Base and the big Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941 brought 400,000 men to this rural area.

  16. I Remember - WWII

    I Remember - WWII

    Learn about World War 2 from the perspectives of people who served from DeRidder.